Via di S. Martino ai Monti n. 50, 00184 Rome - IT
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CASA di Scipioni
Rome - first prize
Casa di Scipioni was inspired by a very special Client with a strong personality and a deep and unique sense of life and beauty. The Client's collection includes unique art works by Carlo Bugatti, Duilio Cambellotti, Fortunato Depero, Isabella Ducrot, Fausto Melotti and many others, plus a number of historical pieces designed by Aalto, Hoffmann, Saarinen and Thonet and others. We wanted to keep the new interior architectural design quiet and nondisruptive in order to highlight the collection at its best. Elements of the design are the restoration of every original chestnut door and window, the highlight of every structural elements such as arch, beam and column in the space - the building dates back to 1919, with a mixed structure in masonry and concrete elements -, a new oak spinapesce paquet with an ultrathin skirting, plus an Ikea-hacked kitchen with terracotta walls and precious calacatta elements.