Via di S. Martino ai Monti n. 50, 00184 Rome - IT
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Trestle Veranda
Rome - first prize
Rome’s historic centre is a unique world heritage site, where it can be very difficult to implement contemporary architecture projects. Linee Minime mixes prefabrication and on-site craftmanship in every project. Here the design is based on the relationship between a curved lead cladded roof, a bright curved ceiling, and the unique roof system of oak trestle and parametric oak slats and expanded cork blocks. Trestle Veranda is the heart of the house and part and consequence of the renovation project of the entire penthouse, the place to gather together or to just enjoying some atmosphere in a shaded corner. The roof is composed of triangular oak slats interspersed with expanded cork, with a curved wedge volume and a parametric geometry that connects the cinemascope-like glass walls with the cornice of the original building dated back to 1919.