Lecce - Roma - Milano
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EX-GALATEO. A new way to live, a space for service
Lecce (LE) - first prize
The project proposes the regeneration and reuse of the building kowns as “Ex Galateo” in Lecce.The building, currently in a state of neglect, aspires to become an identifying and attractive reference point for the city and the surrounding area. The design choices were aimed at defining a fusion between architectural design and social policy. We imagine a large container that systematizes shared living, services and open public spaces, places for businesses and start-ups. The project integrates with the surrounding urban context: the building becomes a crossing axis from the historic center to the park to the south. Along the promenade there are public facilities open to the city. The proposal intends to balance the need for residential privacy with the public dimension, declining co-living to the different needs present in the area.