Rua Central, 8, 2640-028, Ribamar, Portugal
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House in Colares
The house is located on a dramatic cliff facing the Atlantic Ocean, between the Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca and the Santuário da Peninha, a site frequented by locals for stargazing and sunset gatherings. Since the very beginning of the project, the challenge was clear, this place needed to be addressed with its nature, a monumental architecture for a monumental site. In keeping with the specific architectural heritage of the surroundings, the house is based on a middle-age Romanic chapel and is intended as a contemporary platform for contemplation. Oriented west-to-east as per religious tradition, the plan of the house is a rectangle containing a single cross-like open space, hosting a sleeping area and a laying area, divided by a fireplace the house’s main source of fire and light. In the living area, square windows frame the surrounding landscape while letting daylight in; whereas the sleeping area has no openings.