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A.S.A.P. Dwellings
UK - classified
ASAP Dwellings (where ASAP stands for Adaptable, Sustainable, Affordable, and Prefab) is a proposal to develop a new framework for answering the housing crisis in the UK. The aim of the proposal is to establish a correct and logical design process in which architects help the community to reach an appropriate level of wellbeing inside and outside their homes. The project presented is to intend as a preparatory sketch on a white canvas, in which the future inhabitants will stroke their brushes in order to make a beautiful painting. In other words, the proposal is to be understood as a sort of "beta architecture", one of the possible prototypical solutions imagined to respond to the requests of a certain type of community. The proposed framework is based on the following key concepts: to realize healthy, age-friendly and inclusive living, to have a low environmental impact, and to be deliverable and scalable.