Via Villa Beltrame 35
project image
Stone City HQ
The multifunctional building for events and offices, designed for Granulati Zandobbio, appears as a large three-story container. The volume, with an elongated shape, is influenced by the proximity to the highway, of which it will be a reference point. The long side of the building aligns with the road axis, accompanying the traffic flow, while the short facades are characterized by diagonal chamfers, which formally prolong the composition. The volumetric result is a faceted solid that fits in the architectural panorama of the highway buildings, such as “Autogrill” and other large industrial buildings. The architecture is sewn around a large double height central void. Starting from this non-core are arranged the other spaces required by the program, with particular attention not to undermine the monumentality of the interior. with Michele Piolini, Andrea Bergamini