via Museo Giovio 8, 22100 Como
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Centre for Local Products Processing and Sale
Ceglie Messapica
The basic idea is to enclose a space, building a wall both defining an interior and expressing a clear presence in the region. This gesture subtly refers to some peculiar signs of the local agricultural landscape; the project aims to evoke their powerful but quiet shape. The exact definition of this enclosure is the only act considered as fundamental; whatever would happen inside it and the overall materialization of the project – even if here expressed – could be open to a certain degree of redesign without undermining the primal sense. The demand for a flexible space is here interpreted by proposing a solid and elementary material organization, whose stability try to grant different uses through time countering the ephemeral. This architecture is unequivocally formal; it strongly believes in the potential form deserves in the project of the city.