via Museo Giovio 8, 22100 Como
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Ex Consorzio Agrario
Bergamo - first prize
The renovation of this former warehouse offers an exceptional occasion for the city: through it there is the chance to be part of one of those “critical” moments (in the etymological meaning of “decisive”) of urban transformation that our cities definitely need. The challenge is ambitious and delicate: how to transform the urban role of a building without impairing its fundamental character; how to turn some apparent ties – proximity to railway cut, variations of walking heights, introversion of the original fabric and the connected speechlessness of its “public” façade – in the founding elements of the new proposal. The accurate understanding of the building, of its intimate structure and its veiled palimpsest, informs all actions on it: the general attitude seeks to transform it through few exact interventions, clearly contemporary, in dialogue with a fascinating past.