Via Villa Beltrame 35
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Parco alla Trucca Pavilion
Bergamo - fourth prize
The building becomes part of the site following the linear path of the park and marking an existing limit, represented by the northern road and the tree line that separates the park from the street. The position takes into account pedestrian paths and existing picnic areas, offering the most extensive front to the south and to the lake. The pavilion is designed as a structure for the park, which can accommodate different activities. Thanks to the opening facade, the building may be manifested in a dual nature: a more intimate and fragmented, where the spaces are separated, the situation in which the external pivoting shutters are closed, or a continuos space with the outside, when they are opened. The result is a unique indoor space, in continuity with the outside, to be enjoyed during the summer days. with Michele Piolini, Andrea Bergamini