Via Villa Beltrame 35
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Valdobbiadene Main Square
Bergamo - fifth prize
The redevelopment project of Piazza Marconi in Valdobbiadene aims to provide citizens and visitors with a lively public space with a strong identity, which can serve as a daily meeting point and as space for events and celebrations. By enhancing the existing buildings, the new square constitutes a binding element, adopting design strategies in line with the historical development of the site and with contemporary solutions to today’s critical issues. This square is defined by two different boundaries: the closest one, on the urban scale, represented by the existing buildings, and the one at the landscape scale, consisting of cultivated hills overlooking Valdobbiadene. The new square dialogues with these two different dimensions that collaborate in defining the identity of the place, emphasizing the connection between the buildings and offering new views towards the hills. w/ Paolo Toldo