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Modular prefabricated home
Bolgare - shortlisted
Marlegno s.r.l, an Italian company that works with wooden elements, proposed an open competition to get some ideas about modern and modular prefabricated living units. Even if the majority of the delivered proposals, followed the size restrictions of the competition, which states that the units must adhere to standard lorry containers (2.50x3.20x13.00 m), the proposal tried to conceptualize the living unit as an assembly of functional spaces. Finding a slight loophole in the competition guidelines, the concept imagines a variety of volumes serving as different living areas (such as single bedroom, double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc) which are getting connected into a flexible living space, the core of the house. The proposal forced a re-thinking of the sterile idea of “standard” striving rather to create a “personalized standard” for different users.