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Requalification of the historical hospital
Piacenza - first prize
Piacenza is a specific city located in the north of Italy: thanks to its strategical position, it is an “exchange city” since romans’ foundation. Today, It is still under developing and thanks to its proximity to Milan, Venice, Bologna and its centrality in the rich Padania flat land, hosts the main storages for Amazon and Ikea. Into this dynamic city, the actual hospital (which spread into a variety of historical buildings) is still compressed in the Renaissance urban texture and can not expand as it should. Piacenza Municipality with Confindustria defined a empty site outside the city to build a new and modern hospital. This winning project defines a series of answers to all of these complex questions. It is a project which works on different scales, creating new green areas in strict relationship with new residential units. A new transport hub generates new way of moving to and into the city.