Via A.M. Ampère,35 - 20131 Milano (MI)
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Borgo Ognissanti
The project is directed at transforming a former renaissance chapel in the old town of Florence, with a complex history, into a characteristic showroom for a bespoke kitchen company. The building is part of the Ognissanti church, with paintings from famous masters such as Giotto, Ghirlandaio or Botticelli, and in the centuries, held different functions, from being a church and a cemetery chapel, to being a cinema, a restaurant and even a shoe store. It has, in the past, also been a night club. Every change in its history had left some architectural trace and addition to the original volume. The project wants to bring this space back to its original simplicity and purity, without removing the alterations from the past. With few interventions and changes specifically to the materials and in the circulation layout, the project separates what is old from what is new, underlining the different history of the elements.