5 rue sainte Marthe - Parigi
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Tana Libera Tutti
What we operate is a graft: we introduce an element that is compatible, that take a life source out of a pre-existing condition, in this case Isola Pepe Verde. Compatibility is the main necessary requirement for grafting, we apply the same rule to our project. The element of plurality, and the response as an interactive process between citizens and the park has to be part of it. In our case we add an element to the existing environment but we decide to leave its development open. The modular structure we imagined is completely adaptable to changes. It’s like a grid where others components can be added and the shape freely modifiable. Our work would be useless if it does not stimulate imagination. The imagination lights up the energy of the people that is a necessary component in order to transform ideas in reality. - Con Gianluca Fratantonio -