5 rue sainte Marthe - Parigi
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Pinocchio Children's Library
Collodi (Pistoia)
Our idea born from the need to offer to Collodi a new center to gather different activities and from the wish to reconnect the highest and the lowest parts of the city. By its volumetry, the Pinocchio’s children library not only uses the height of the surrounding buildings but also creates a landmark visible from everywhere and a new square opposite to the San Bartholomeo’s church. Among nature, fairy tale and history, the “Wood square” becomes the “foyer” of the working area. It is a meeting place, hiding an exhibition area, where the old paper factory meets the new building of the library. Our project, as a pure volume hanged in the middle of the river, becomes the place of curiosity, knowledge, debate and education. Inside the library, youngest children could discover the world of literature through marvelous islands and the oldest, through the adventure tower ant its observatory. - Con M.Gallipoli, M.Di Gennaro, M.Dervaux -