Via A.M. Ampère,35 - 20131 Milano (MI)
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Lorenteggio Library
Milano - fourth prize
The Internet has changed the way we access knowledge forever. The library as an instrument to protect and collect information became obsolete. We no longer build libraries by tradition but to create a perfect public space. The project becomes a square for the city, a place of exchange and culture, a gathering point to escape from the restless everyday life. The new library is the key to read the neighbourhood and the outdoor space, the composing element for the design of the park. The building permeated with the city and its activities changes the surroundings. As Kevin Lynch would write, the building becomes a node for the area where all the paths, geometries and activities coincide. The building operates as an organism with its flexible and modular spaces. The new library for Lorenteggio could is a new cultural center in the city, challenging the way the suburb becomes a new place of reinvention of a public space.