Bari - London
project image
Castellaneta Marina - invited
The SCPTIPMFLIPPES (Strumento Cavo Per Traguardare Il Paesaggio Marittimo Fissando Labili Immagini Pronte Per Essere Sublimate), is a device for viewing the maritime landscape. While the coast is traditionally thought of as wild and pristine, activities and amenities from cities spread to the shoreline. The SCPTIPMFLIPPES is a tool to isolate portions of maritime landscape, removed from the (visual) ground noise. The object, developed for 3d-printing, is a pure geometric form of 140mm, black, dug inside. It has three visual cones: monocular visual cone for watching the horizon line; monocular visual cone for watching isolated elements; periscope to be used discreetly. The project aims at hiding superfluous details since contemporary natural amenities have been equipped with disturbing devices, signals, vehicles, stalls and so on.