Bari - London
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Chirignago table
Venezia - invited
Unfolding Pavilion 2018, Giudecca housing complex, Venezia135x70x75cm; 42kg. Our submission is composed of two domestic objects, designed to be affordable and easy to produce, inspired by Gino Valle’s work. One is the wallpaper Udine, elaborating the façade of the social housing built in Udine in the framework of the so called PEEP Est, and also known as the “diga colorata”. The second is the table Chirignago, which is dedicated to his work on prefab educational buildings built in the ‘70s after the earthquake in Friuli and the 1975 law on educational facilities. One of them is the Istituto Comprensivo "Cristoforo Colombo" in Chirignago, near Venice. Valle collaborated with the construction company Valdadige to establish a modular architecture that can be flexible in time and space, adapting to the changing needs of the students. Our table is related to the most distinguished element of the composition that is a covered red walkway.