Milano - Parigi
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Mozambique - finalist
The design focus on the relation between children and nature. The common plan of the school surrounded by a garden delimited by a fence is reversed. The school itself becomes the perimeter, while nature is brought inside, in the core of the project. Here the metaphor of the castle, as an architectural element of protection and inclusion, is represented by the building fa├žade. The classes have a direct view on the exterior landscape but at the same time they define a more interesting space: the school courtyard. This area is left as sauvage as possible around a mango tree, respecting local nature and letting children play in a protected environment under a canopy. The building is made by simple and local techniques: Compressed Earth Blocks for the bearing walls, concrete beams and iron sheets for the roof. The double roof system and the buffer zones between the classes bring shadow and ventilation. DESIGNED WITH VICTOR DEPLUS