C/O C-FARA Via Piave 17, 75100 Matera
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Piazza Terrazzini
The neighborhood of Via D’Addozio 102, in Matera, is the outdoor entrance of a residence, the roof of a restaurant, the panoramic terrace of the rooms of a diffused hotel and a small square of the Rione Sassi. The restoration of its flooring was an excellent opportunity to rethink an external space that should simultaneously fulfill a strategic perceptive aesthetic function and respect the historical identity of the place. Visitors, who access the square from one side, are guided and accompanied by a design of the flooring which, with clean and simple lines, defines the appurtenances of each of the coexisting realities. The traditional "chiancarelle" distinguish the part of the square that is freely usable, while the rectangular and warped chianche define the spaces of the hotel rooms. A filter between the two parts is guaranteed by the presence of terracotta vases with a square section with pomagranate trees.