C/O C-FARA Via Piave 17, 75100 Matera
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Data on the level of accessibility collected in the area, as part of the Materamare project, were transferred to the online platform www.materamare.it. The objective is, on the one hand, to communicate the state of the art of accessibility, to provide clear and comprehensive information to people with disabilities to allow them to self-evaluate and make their own choices based on their disability. On the other hand, data collection is also an important planning tool, the basis from which to plan interventions aimed at improving the quality and level of accessibility of places. the platform was designed to have an easy tool both for inserting the info and for the consultation, the graphics, the text, the logos, the hierarchy of information have been taken care of to create a simple and intuitive interface. The basic cartography is released by Openstreetmap under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-SA) license. More info:materamare.it