C/O C-FARA Via Piave 17, 75100 Matera
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Nuovo Istituto Tecnico Agrario Gaetano Briganti
The competition, together with La Macchina bureau, foresees, as requested, the demolition of the Gaetano Briganti school building. The new institute will consist of a main building that will house the classrooms, laboratories, the library, a lecture hall capable of accommodating up to 108 people, a greenhouse and three offices for administrative staff. Within the project area, three other ateliers are added to support school activities, in order to encourage experiential learning. The intervention seeks a perfect mimesis with the territory with which it is compared, the shapes and materials recall those of the ancient farms that characterize the agricultural landscape between Matera and Altamura. The same approach was also reserved for the external areas, so it was decided to resume the natural slope of the lot, reinterpreting part of the current esplanade where today the school building insists. The construction follows the course o