via privata del gofalone 4, Milano
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XV Biennale di Venezia
The theme of the Spanish Pavilion for the Venice Biennale of Architecture is The Unfinished, Adaptable without permanences.Our project defines a particular strategy to bring together these two different realities: from a side there is always a greater number of structures and building abandoned and not finished because of the great economic and politic crisis, on the other side the need of space of millions of people who are leaving their homeland in search of peace and freedom in European countries.In our proposal the Unfinished becomes a stage where, thanks to the freedom that gives its condition of extreme adaptability, the community can develop its real identity.Like John Hejduk, in his “Mask of Medusa”imagines not permanent masks arriving in the city through long wanderings, our proposal imagines moving archetypes that generates urban transformations that will survive even when the masks will leave the city.