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The Plan Award health 2015
Catania - special prize
functional program The building is on orthogonal axes that divide the project into three parts of the building functionally and independent volumetrically: - Services building (A1) - Residences (A2) - Multifunctional room (B) The A1 body reflects the aggregative mode at court described previously; around each courtyard overlook functions compatible with each other: the "short game" the living room, the dining room, laboratory and the room games; the "court of silence" the library, the soft room and quiet room. The A2 body is constituted by a "simple house" of residential modules, which develop along the north-south axis, and look out to the east of the surrounding park. The body B stands out volumetrically and typologically (building block larger than the the rest of the building modules) favoring the needs of the community activities that take place in its interior. This subdivision may also be an advantage in the management of the con