piazza Caiazzo 3, Milano
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ZEFIRO (collab. with Alessandro Gloria)
Levico Terme - first prize
Zefiro is the proposal for a land-art installation in the public park of Levico Terme, a small town located in northern Italy. In October 2018 a huge storm hit the Italian region of Trentino, making 14 millions of trees falling down. The project ‘Zefiro’ is a sound-installation which aims to commemorate the dramatic power of nature by memorializing a tree. The installation consists in a trunk put back on his feet and excavated in order to host a complex system of music strings and musing boards, which will be activated by the action of wind. In particular, thanks to a system of vents, the wind will touch the strings inside the trunk propagating a sound within its stem. The trunk used for the installation will be retrieved in the site among the several felt trees. The construction site it is planned for November 2019.