piazza Caiazzo 3, Milano
project image
TRA is an ‘interactive device’ which questions the traditional living habits, proposing an alternative way of inhabiting a private space. The intervention is conceived as a multi-use inhabitable wall inserted between the two main areas of an office space: the open space of the living-room and the the boss’s room.TRA, besides subdividing the indoor spaces, incorporates a series of functional spaces which allow the fully use of the open space available: it hides at its core a kitchen, a wardrobe and several containers and bookshelves usable in both sides. Collecting internally different functional spaces and services, the inhabitable-wall optimises the space around, making it flexible and reconfigurable. Even if it appears as a simple and modular elemen, in fact, the inhabitable wall hides a complex system of entrances, windows and functional spaces which involve the users in a playful spatial discovery.