Via Giuseppe Bovara, 23900 Lecco (LC)
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Military Museum
Capo D'orso, Palau
castellum [ka-stel-uh m] (Archaeology), noun pl. /kæˈstɛl aɪ/ 1. castellum militare a small Roman fortlet or tower, a diminutive of castrum (‘military camp’), 2. castellum divisorium a settling or storage tank in a Roman aqueduct or castellum aquae. The main idea behind this proposal is the division of the two main parts of the brief – exhibition and hospitality by using the two different meanings of the Latin word ‘castellum’. Coming from these types we have an organically integrated in the terrain square construction in the western lower part of the competition project area. On the other hand we are proposing carefully integrated in the existing terrain/buildings small extensions of the new fort/museum.