Via San Lorenzo 5, 70124 Bari
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Stone PolySphere
tonePolySphere is an installation that investigates the potential of digital fabrication applied to the stone industry. It is a lithic sphere with a diameter of 1.4 meters, composed by a massive hemisphere below and a stereotomic hemisphere above. The CNC machine Tc 1100, produced by Thibaut SA, allows the complex machining of all the parts. The massive hemisphere is obtained by sawing and milling a stone piece made of Pierre Bleue de Savoie (1.4 meters wide and 0.8 meters high); the stereotomic part consists of 120 perforated blocks, fabricated by milling four blocks of stone, containing 30 blocks each, in the average size of 1.60 m and 10 cm thick. The blocks are constituted by two glued layers of stone, returning a two-colour effect varies depending on the morphology of the block itself. Design group: Giuseppe Fallacara (PhD Supervisor) and Maurizio Barberio (PhD Student).