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Flux Vault
Lyon - invited
Flux is a stone vaulted pavilion designed by Giuseppe Fallacara (PhD Supervisor) and Maurizio Barberio (PhD Student) in collaboration with the French company S.N.B.R. The pavilion represents the design of the representative stand of the same company and is designed for Rocalia, the fair dedicated to natural stone to be held in Lyon in December 2017. The shape of the pavilion derives from a base surface formed by a network of exclusively catenary curves, in order to make the the vault predominantly subjects to compressive stresses. The structure has been designed to be mounted very quickly with the help of very limited support structures. For this reason, on the contact faces of each voussoir there is a metal fixing system. A bolted fastening system placed on the plates at the outer edges of each concave stone voussoirs serves to join the segments between them. Ph. GaZ Blanco