Via San Lorenzo 5, 70124 Bari
project image
The project is based on two main themes: the water and the wood.The aggregation of plant cells is the inspiration for the pattern of the whole building envelope and structure. This is a clear reference to plants and wood, using their smallest form of internal organization (the cells) to design the structure. The structure is made of Curved plywood cells based on a parametric design. They are joined together thanks a system of nuts and bolts. The common area (aqua zone) is the core of the project and it is conceived to be a fluid space, with pools with different sizes, with a big one and three more intimate: two on the ground floor and one above. The club also has a fitness center, a day spa of 600 square meters (with turkish bath, sauna, solarium, massage area, bath tubs and multi-sensory showers), four spa suites from 50 square meters, a meditation area, a restaurant and a coffee shop.