Via San Lorenzo 5, 70124 Bari
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Unit 27
Unit 27 is a luxury-inspired small home, designed to free more outdoor space and re-establish a real and direct contact with the urban or natural landscape. For this reason the unit is thought to be freely aggregate in height inside a steel frame structure with large balconies and terraces. The single unit house, in just 27 square meters, comprises: a complete kitchen and dining for six people; a multifunctional sofa-bed for chilling, reading, watching TV and accommodate one person for the night; an open bedroom realized with an innovative all-in-one furniture with four big under-bed drawers and a fitted wardrobe that pulls out sideways and it is hidden in the thickness of the headboard; a complete bathroom with a separated toilette and a double shower cabin. The division between day and night parts of the home has been realized with a screen wall which incorporates a futuristic holographic 2-sided TV.