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Additive Stereotomy
New York - invited
“Additive Stereotomy” is a proposal for constant stress arches constructed from voussoirs (building blocks) that are 3D printed using binder jetting technology. Additive Stereotomy represents a novel building system thought to realize a vaulted space to be fabricated by means of large scale additive manufacturing techniques. The prototype has been selected for the event “Stereotomy 2.0 and Digital Construction Tools”, co-edited by Giuseppe Fallacara and Christian Pongratz with the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). The exhibition boasts an amazing line-up, including entries from Zaha Hadid CoDe, P.ART and AKT II, the Block Research Group. The arches and their method of construction are a proposal by Maurizio Barberio and Micaela Colella of Barberio Colella ARC in collaboration with Summum Engineering, Rotterdam.