Via San Lorenzo 5, 70124 Bari
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Bamboo Office
Changzhou - fourth prize
The Bamboo Office is a building in in which architectural, bioclimatic and environmental aspects converge. The main goal of the design is to connect future employers with nature. This means that people inside the building can constantly perceive the passage of time and the flow of seasons during the year. In this way, who works inside the building or visits it can feel the synergistic relationship between architecture and nature.This object is pursued thanks to different architectural and natural devices. First, a double skin facade, which allows the optimal bioclimatic behaviour of the building during the different seasons. The Bamboo Office, designed in collaboration with Angelo Figliola, is one of the winners of the "1st International Design Building Competition", promoted by the "Chinese Sustainable Design Centre" and the "China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute".