Via Nomentana 331, Roma
project image
Theseus in the 80's
Venice Architecture Biennale - invited
The proposal envisions the temporary installation of an object able to create interaction and dialogue with the complex spaces of the Giudecca Social Housing. This artifact serves as a didactical function, an opportunity to explore, discover and better comprehend this intricate, late-twentieth-century architectural masterpiece. Simultaneously, the proposal recalls and evokes the specific historical moment that represents the event's theme: the 1980's, the birth period of both this housing project and the invited group of authors. These premises materialize through a path, a glowing red line, a thread that will guide visitors through the maze-like areas of Gino Valle's complex, revoking Ariane's mythical thread which helped the hero Theseus inside Minos' labyrinth. To finish this route with a powerful reference to the fabulous 80’s we decided to place a glittery strobo ball at the end of the thread.