Alberto Calza Bini street, Rome
project image
Future House 2018
Prize - second prize
The basic module is a hexagon, consists of 3 folded sides, 2 horizontal closing surfaces and 3 elevation levels; so that the elements constitute a continuous surface. The possibility of joining the modules along the three flat walls makes the system versatile from a distributive and functional point of view, adaptable to any orographic condition (see the use of three different modules for the roof: flat, inclined by 30% and 60%). Aggregation on a single level is the fastest and most usable alternative. The possibility of having a second level also for interior spaces is an option to be explored. In the current project proposal, the upper floor is only an overlook. Each module is a functional unit.that allows you to build a system with n self-sufficient modules. The modules are easy to make and transport, because they are composed by three basic elements pre-assembled, thermally insulated and equipped with cavities for facilities.