Alberto Calza Bini street, Rome
project image
Barilla Pavilion
Our main idea for this project is the famous motto of barilla’s company: “Dove C’e barilla C’è Casa”.The concept of the new pavilion project for Pedrignano complex, is the “Casa” which means house in italian language. The barilla house was created to be a gathering place, an acquainted space, a strong architectural element that with its simplicity creates an important image that can be immediately recognized. The location of the houses has been designed to give a visible and very clear image for the motorway and the surrounding area. To give a complete visibility to all important points, 5 pavilions have been positioned. The small blocks were then connected by an element formed as a “spaghetti ramp”. The Spaghetti Ramp recalls with its shape and with its golden color, the wheat and the dough. this ramp in addition to its functions of connection between various buildings, creates a very evident link.