Alberto Calza Bini street, Rome
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Y.A.C Seduction Pavilion
Honorable Mention - special prize
The Seduction Pavilion is a tribute for beautiful and fascinating women that have tried to be part of the celebrity world. Running down the pictures in the pavilion, you can feel the elegance and the refinery of these starlettes. It inspired the general shape of the Pavilion that wants to remind their voluptuous curves and the big hair. Walking on the black path, the Pavilion “seduces” the visitor pulling him inside the curves and suddenly outside without let the visitor realize that, like the motions of an intimate seduction.At the entrance there is a first step: a totem in which there is a full map of the Pavilion and the meaning of the exhibition. The “ribbon” is composed of four elements made of thin aluminium panel micro-perforated (h=1m), light pink in colour. The image on the right side is one of the four elements. The texture of the ribbon reminds a precious cloth.