Calle de Quiñones, Madrid
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M[U]S City
Helsinki, Finland - finalist
The contemporary museum breaks powerfully in the metropolis and invades its streets and squares emitting an overabundance of images and messages. Visitors are in fact seduced with the inclusion, in museum’s space, of side events, from cafes to bookshops, from cinemas to multimedia stations, that instead of act as a secondary area, equipped for the break, rest or documentation, are considered hypertrophic ambiences, sometimes even spatially oversized. The project proposes, instead of a single museum building, low-cost spreaded solutions which would amazingly increase the usability of the entire central area of Helsinki, and especially the interactions between the city, its inhabitants and the idea of the museum. Thanks to the decomposition of the functions of the museum, you would have the possibility to build one element at time favoring the always different economic needs of the city.