via privata del gofalone 4, Milano
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Monsanto,Portugal - finalist
The objective of the project is to investigate the relation between nature and man, history and landscape. The Sanctum lays under the castle of Monsanto, in front and alined with the medieval arch, creating a horizontal axis that emphasizes the existing man-made landmarks and the mountain. The project is divided in three moments. The intent is to create a flowing continuity in time between this three moments and spaces, remembrance of different aspects of life. In the first moment an anthropic platform that collects rain water generates a mirror that reflects the surrounding and the sky, giving a perception of infinite and endless landscape. At this point the encounter between man and nature takes place and the memory on Monsanto is recalled. At last the moment of contemplation of the landscape, in between the artificial elements and the natural rocks, in a moment of peace and connection with nature.