via privata del gofalone 4, Milano
project image
Fundació Mies van der Rohe - shortlisted
The project propose the reconstruction of the columns in the same place as the original, trying to mantain the memory and the original relation between the pavillion and the ionic columns. Those are replaced with mirrored pillars not according the classicist idea, but with the objective of creating a new and strong relationship with the contest and the pavillion. The mirror surface has two mains purposes: the first one is to make them appear and disappear in the environment reminding to their incostant history, the second purpose of the reflection is to create a new relation between the Pavillon and the columns, with the effect of dissolvation, reflection and mimesis between the man and the environment, subjective and empathic. In this way we introduced a new element: the visitor that watching himself in the scenery participates to it and transform it.