San Polo 3082, Venezia
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Mausoleo | Tblisi Architecture Biennale
Tblisi - invited
Buildings are not enough, but sometimes we even don’t need it! Over time, tracing signs on the ground is the basis of the modification of the territory. This activity also defines a way of occupy the space, introduces new rules of movement, observation, behaviour and perceptions. Our project purpose to trace the plan of Mausoleo of Santa Costanza, a classical building which gives to the empty space of the courtyard building a new geometry, a new order, an abstract space which generates new perceptions and possibilities. This fundamental and so “architectonic” act is populated with custom and popular elements, furniture, recycled materials, plants and people. In this sense the basics compositional signs of the buildings could have the power to define the occupation and the use of the space, even if it is not built.