via delle Scuole 17, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
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FRISA CH - first prize
The pavilion of transhumance is located close to the “tratturo del re”, a green path linking the Apulian plains to the mountains of Abruzzo in central Italy. The project has the aim of enhancement of rural traditions and enhance the local tourist routes and products, mainly related to the oil and wine production. The structure of the building (apart from the reinforced concrete base) is made entirely of wood, as well as the outer covering of larch pretreated. The pavilion of transhumance is a handmade object, local, looking for a new way to interact with the landscape and the territory. BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA DI VENEZIA 2018, PADIGLIONE ITALIA, ARCIPELAGO ITALIA, ​ 1ST PRIZE PREMIO DI ARCHITETTURA " G. MASCIARELLI " 2017 “RIUSO, OPERA REALIZZATA” 2ND PRIZE RI.U.SO 02 SEZ. B DESIGNERS REMO CIMINI, ANDREA JASCI CIMINI PHOTOGRAPHER SERGIO CAMPLONE