Marmorgatan 13a, Stockholm, Sweden
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A Productive Archipelago
The city of Narvik hosts one of the most important research centre for new technologies and climate studies in Scandinavia. As part of this process, the new technical quarter will be a key element of this trasformation, where research, together with cultural and public functions, share the same space. Each building, as in a proper archipelago, has its own strong identity and function. There is a residential unit related to the streetscape of Kongensgate with an open ground floor, an office tower that visually connects the project site with Stein Rokkans Plass, a new small-industry workshop and a central building with a public arena, workshops and a museum. The new technical quarter is a plurality of elements that exist thanks to their reciprocal autonomy. It is an ensemble of buildings that is open to the city, a flexible public frame for the whole Narvik community where cultural and productive activities are able to mix and meet.