Calle de Quiñones, Madrid
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Poveglia, Venice - shortlisted
Univercity is a new paradigm of University Campus. Unlike Venice, with its complex and stratified morphology, the universities often manage spaces and functions in a schematic and orderly way; this means that departments, libraries, residences and offices are often separated from each other, not relating with the city. This causes isolation and a closure, generating eremitical areas, partially vital only during the opening hours. Our proposal is, instead of placing on the island the typical American campus blocks with its functions, to recreate the entire ecosystem that is typical of a vital city, introducing and mixing functions such as residences, shops, laboratories, leisure activites, with the aim to create a campus which is not only a place to study but also to produce, exchange, relax, connect, communicate, live, with the aim to improve the quality of life of the students and all the other inhabitants of the island.