Via Pistoiese 138, 59100 Prato
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Obelisco del SS Sacramento
Cava de' Tirreni - third prize
The idea of ​​the project for the new obelisk of the SS. Sacramento is the synthesis of the desire to take part in local tradition and the need to encourage active practices of community identity. The decision to name the new monument to the SS. Sacramento is linked to the memory of the Eucharistic miracle which occurred in 1656 in this place and wants to pay tribute to an extremely consolidated event in the local tradition addressing the monument to its citizens, but also to tourists and passerbyers. The volume is a hollow cylinder with an outer diameter of 2.50 meters composed of four superimposed bands, made by assembling prefabricated concrete blocks. The wall, in fact, like a lace rolled up on itself, has numerous openings, within them inhabitants and visitors can, as in real tabernacles, place votive and religious elements.