Via Pistoiese 138, 59100 Prato
project image
Shelter n 1
Prato, Macrolotto 0
Shelter n.1 is the first form of a dismountable and itinerant artefact. In addition to guaranteeing shade and shelter, the project’s goal is to catalyze people and activities around it, moving from time to time to different places where the desire and need for it are manifested. Shelter n. 1 is part of the broader context of urban regeneration processes that, through planning interventions and bottom-up projects, aim to restore a certain degree of sociality and liveability in the Macrolotto 0 district of Prato. The structure is built with a pipe-joint system, stabilized on the ground by 32 jersey barriers, which can be used as seats. These concrete ballasts are placed on an already existing asphalt platform: this rectangular area, once used as an area for trucks, has become the dimensional matrix of the project.