via Giovanni Pascoli 5 - Varapodio (RC)
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REGGIO CALABRIA - first prize
The project stems from the idea of ​​depicting that evocative image that is created in photographs when you want to portray the movement of racing cars. The project proposal starts from the redesign and reorganization of the road and functional system of the avenue, enhancing the strengths and giving new identity to a place that is not much appreciated, but very busy. The focal points of the avenue are maintained, that is the trees, the only elements that identify a spatial continuity and that functionally divide the area into three large parallel systems: the boulevard, the carriageway, the car parks. The focal point of the new Viale Calabria is the boulevard, which extends along the current south coplanar, with variable width bounded to the north by the presence of the large existing trees and to the south by the building. Its new shape characterizes it as a true linear park.