via Giovanni Pascoli 5 - Varapodio (RC)
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VARAPODIO - mentioned
In the residential area of ​​Varapodio there is the lot on which there are citrus trees and ancient olive trees, which are well related to the architectural form of this single-family residence. Inside pure and superimposed volumes, spaces are created that are pierced by a continuity of light, material and color, whose heart is made up of a void that crosses all the floors, from the unique warmth offered by the materials used: glass, rough iron and wood of local olive tree. The outer envelope is a play of volumes, subtractions and joints, highlighted by the use of different colors and materials, which also penetrate the interior space, enhancing the perception of the large living that is spread over several levels, a space permeated by light thanks use of large windows, open on the private space of the garden. The same is characterized by a deep void that cuts the whole building in height.