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Europan 12 Porto Brandão
Porto Brandão - first prize
The urban redevelopment of Porto Brandão insists on the entire riverside, including the public space adjacent to the beach front. This area is an important hub for the development of a new connection of the city with the river and with the urban fabric. The proposed project pursues the aim of a regeneration of the urban structure, through the renovation of public space, the reconnection of the pedestrian and bicycle paths system and the revision of vehicular mobility. Through the formal redefinition of the existing harbor, it is meant to give a strong character to the recreational port system, which will be hexagonal-shaped, emphasizing the maritime vocation of the site and, at the same time, expanding the existing public space. The redevelopment of the riverfront is defined by the placement of two shelters placed on the west side of the site, which generate new connections and visual perceptions with the river; they transform the urban