zona artigianale, 8 39054 Collalbo (BZ)
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Scena Parish Church - Refurbishment
Scena (BZ)
The refurbishment included the redesign and the thermal rehabilitation of the sanctuary. A third level of reduced formal elegance was added to the existing stairway ensemble. This superstructure was realized as a central rectangle in local granite while the remaining gap between the central elevation and the exterior wall was completed with wooden flooring. The reconfiguration of the presbytery originates with the artist Franz Messner. The main liturgical objects are considered as a unit due to their form and realization as solid monoliths of marble rock from Covelano, Italy. The subtle color-nuances and the cloudlike pattern, visible on the altar of the massive 4 ton marble-block evoke lightness and marvel. The seating surface of the priest’s chair and the lateral benches are made from nut wood. The design of the candlesticks takes up elegance and value by combining the precious materials bronze and nut wood. Photo: meraner-hauser.com